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Our app just out of the egg!


Everon Games is an independent study emerged from our enthusiasm for creating games.

“For us to make it easier is a tricky art … But it is a difficult art to learn.” Getting a good game flow is another challenge. Not only in visual design features resides the beauty,

because we understand the code as the backbone of the game and that could be more or less flexible. We like this flexibility to implement upgrades and improvements. We believe that a game should always teach something curious. We consider video games as a “whole” made ​​of many parts that`why we love to do the musical compositions of our games also look playful interest. We get involved in all processes carefully and always we trying to innovate.


We hope to start soon the online animated serie Yumky integrated into the application.

Other games included in future updates will include best practices of recycling , sports , nature, and promote friendship with the help of new partner ” Wiskers “.


We are revisiting the 80’s analog games … But this is a surprise for the next update .

Alex Monge, 3D artist and game designer , began his artistic training Vapor Universitari  of Terrassa  and then continued at IDEP in Barcelona . In his career he has worked in advertising posproduction studios , animated series , films and books as illustrator of science fiction. Dedicating itself in recent years to the design of video games.


Roberto Rodriguez, programmer and game designer , studied the career of computing Euncet in Terrace then realized Masters Games UPC .he worked for many years in the field of education and as a programmer in various applications , dedicating the last years in the game design and programming.

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    Everon Games is a young independent games developer studio with a background in the games industry.
    We not only develop our own games, we also offer some services like full game development and art outsourcing.
    Follow the Dreams of Yumky !!!!

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